Flipkart Seller Services

Flipkart Account Management

We start your journey with Flipkart Account Management Services, creating a Flipkart Seller Account for you at Flipkart Seller Hub. At SellerCenter, we create your new seller account and company career on the Flipkart marketplace with the information provided and create a positive image. We handle the account services such as Flipkart Search Engine Optimization, Content Optimization, Inventory Management, Flipkart Promotions, Flipkart Advertising Strategy, and Reporting.

Flipkart Promotions

Flipkart Promotion allows you to reach buyers and to increase your sales through several promotional and flash-sales activities. Flipkart provides different types of promotions, such as Basket Discount, Listing Discount, and MRP Discount which we help you to choose the right promotions

Flipkart Pay-Per-Click(PPC) Advertising

Flipkart Advertising Services also are known as Flipkart Sponsored Services or Flipkart Marketing Services will helps your product to be shown to the relevant audience besides giving you higher visibility on the Flipkart app. Flipkart ad or Flipkart Advertisement will help the seller who wishes to take their sales to the next level using paid advertising.

Flipkart Lisitng & Cataloging

Flipkart Product Listing Services or Flipkart Cataloging Services will help you to list and catalog your business on Flipkart that ultimately promotes your company among potential customers. The Flipkart Catalogue includes interactive features and photographs for good cataloging. In Flipkart Listing, we will help you to add an appropriate Description that is related to your products.

Flipkart Search Engine Optimization

Flipkart sellers know that SEO’s will increase their revenue over a longer period for the Flipkart product listings. Flipkart SEO Strategy is sellers must-have strategy to drive traffic and sales to their listing pages. Flipkart SEO will surely improve your product visibility.


Graphic Design

Creating great graphics and beautiful photos is an ongoing process. We help guide our clients to making their listings stand out from the crowd.


Flipkart Brand Approval

Multiple sellers can sell your products on the marketplace, they can downgrade your product listings by using bad images, poor content or incorrect product information, which may affect your brand’s overall image even if you don’t sell it. So now you understand why it’s important to protect your brand online as a brand owner. Brand approval on Flipkart assists you in verifying who can sell your products online. As Spurge media, we will help you to send a query to Flipkart for approval of your brand (trademark, authorization letter).

Flipkart Pricing Management

Many sellers are confused about how to make a profit, or how to manage Flipkart Seller Pricing, or how to spend money on ads, or how to save money from products and related to shipping charges, Flipkart Seller Fees, and Flipkart commission fee that we help sellers if they are unaware of the right price management and save money on their account. Because the right price is higher sales.

Flipkart Product Photography

Flipkart Product photography plays a significant role in attracting customers to your product listing. A product image displays a thousand words that the seller wants to communicate about his product and its functionality to his potential customers. Product Photography is not that everyone can achieve product details and attractive and informative images on the product description page which will differentiate between the product and the people and reach the online business objectives unless you have optimized it.

Unlimited power customization

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